• C.A.P. 2" Net Pot Lid

C.A.P. 2" Net Pot Lid

- Comfortably Wide Lip Top in Round with Slotted Mesh on the Sides for DWC Cloners, Aeroponic Cloning Machine, Hydroponic, Aeroponic system use
- U.S. standard sizes of net pots with extra thick on side walls and bottoms: to go with popular rooting cubes, seed starter plugs, rockwools, grow stone or other grow media
- Go perfectly with 2 inch Clone Collars or 3 Inch Neoprene Cloning Collars or 3.75 inch Neoprene Inserts. All at U.S. standard sizes
- Heavy Duty Mesh-Sided Grow Pots made from PP Plastic for seedling germination and cutting clone propagation to promote plant roots with even water drainage
- ET of 75 with FREE Reflective Net Pot Top Lids: These Complimentary Net Pot Covers are up to your decision to use it or not!
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