• Roots Organics Micro-Greens, 1.5 ft3
Roots Organics

Roots Organics Micro-Greens, 1.5 ft3

Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Coco Fiber, Hypnum Peat Moss, Leonardite, Dolomite (pH adjuster), Feather Meal, Non-GMO Soybean Meal, Volcanic Rock Dust, Fish Meal, Bat Guano, Volcanic Ash, Greensand, Yucca Powder (Yucca schidigera), and Kelp Meal. Also contains beneficial microbes: Funneliformis mosseae, Rhizophagus intraradices, Septoglomus desertícola to enhance uptake of plant nutrients, increase roots biomass, and help container grown plants resist stress
Roots Organics Micro-Greens starter and seedling mix is designed for absolute consistency and control as a direct sowing media or as an ideal microgreens substrate. With a balanced air to water ratio for water retention and drainage; ready for your seeds, young plants or favorite microgreens. Pick it up and grow, the control is in your hands. The Roots Organics Micro-Greens is composed of only outstanding ingredients for excellent performance and flexibility to encourage vigor in your start or microgreens mix.

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