• Jump Start 36-Cell Greenhouse w/Pellets
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Jump Start 36-Cell Greenhouse w/Pellets

The Jump Start 36 Cell Greenhouse includes 36 biodegradable grow pellets which snugly and securely help seeds germinate and root. Start a vegetable or herb garden right on your windowsill or anywhere else that is convenient in this reusable waterproof tray. Once your seedlings have established roots, transplant them and start over with new pellets and new seedlings or cuttings. The included vented dome maintains humidity and warmth, making it the ideal environment for fragile new growth. Jump Start Greenhouses are perfect for flowers, herbs, and vegetables and are also environment friendly when used with the included pellets. 1. Pour warm water over the grow pellets included in the tray until it is approximately 1/3 of the way full. When the pellets have expanded to approximately 2” drain off any remaining excess water from the tray. 2. Insert the desired number of seeds in each individual pre-moistened pellet. Gently cover the planting holes with loose medium from the pellet to protect the seed stock. Maintain adequate moisture to the pellets, but avoid oversaturation. (Ex. Damp sponge consistency) 3. Set the greenhouse in a warm, bright location away from direct sunlight. A Hydrofarm Jump Start Grow Light System (item# JSV2) and Seedling Heat Mat (item# MT10006) will assist production if necessary. 4. When the plants have sprouted an initial set of leaves and a healthy network of roots (multiple white roots emerging from the pellet), they are ready to be transplanted into a larger container, hydroponic system, or directly outdoors. Get a head start on spring with the Hydrofarm Jump Start Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse. The greenhouse comes with everything you need--starter pellets, a tray, and plastic dome cover. Just add water and your own seeds or cuttings. The pellets quickly expand once watered, creating an ideal nurturing base for seeds to take root and begin sprouting. The vented dome makes it easy to adjust temperature, moisture, and air circulation to better control the greenhouse environment. At a Glance Hydrofarm Jump Start 36-Pellet Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse At a Glance: Complete indoor greenhouse for starting seeds Fast-expanding starter pellets maintain moisture balance and store nutrients Vented dome controls temperature, moisture, and air circulation Perfect for flower, herb, and vegetable seeds Reusable waterproof tray At a Glance Hydrofarm Jumpstart 36-Pellet Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse Everything you need to begin sprouting seeds in one convenient kit. View larger. Start Your Garden Early Perfect for flowers, herbs, and vegetables, the Hydrofarm Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse comes complete with everything you need to start your own seeds any time of the year. When spring arrives, you'll be ready to transplant an already-growing, healthy garden. Control Environment with Vented Dome Cover Control the growing conditions of your greenhouse with the vented dome cover. By turning the cover to open or close the side vents, you can increase or decrease the temperature, moisture content, and air circulation. Keeping the vents covered will keep the greenhouse warmer and damper. Starter Pellets Nurture Seeds These pellets create a stable and cultivating environment for delicate seedlings to grow, helping to store nutrients and maintain a healthy moisture balance for growing plants. Place the pellets into the reusable waterproof tray and add water. The pellets quickly expand to fill the inserts. After pouring off the excess water, gently press one or two seeds into each pellet. Hydrofarm Jumpstart 36-Pellet Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse Hydrofarm Jumpstart 36-Pellet Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse Hydrofarm Jumpstart 36-Pellet Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse Adjustable vents for temperature and moisture control. Greenhouse Promotes Plant Growth Once the seeds are in place, all you have to do is lightly water them and set the greenhouse in a warm, bright location with indirect sunlight. When the plants have sprouted a set of leaves and developed a root network, you can transplant them into larger containers or directly outdoors. What's in the Box Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse with 36 pellets, waterproof tray, and plastic dome.

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