• Quantum 600W Digital Ballast, 120/240V Dimmable

Quantum 600W Digital Ballast, 120/240V Dimmable

<p>Quantum 1000W Dimmable Ballast</p><p><span>The Quantum Dimmable Ballast brings </span><span>quality, efficiency, and high intensity </span><span>illumination to your garden. With a Power </span><span>Factor of 99.9%—a highly stable output </span><span>frequency—the Quantum Dimmable ballast </span><span>lets you run your lamps at the strength </span><span>you need allowing you to control your </span><span>light spread. Rigorously engineered, it </span><span>features a resin cased circuit board with </span><span>a sealed bearing fan so it will run cooler </span><span>than any other ballast and it’s been tested </span><span>to withstand the extreme atmospheric </span><span>conditions of virtually any growing </span><span>environment. The Quantum Dimmable </span><span>Ballast is silent, generator-ready, efficient, </span><span>and cool-running—this is one cool ballast.</span></p><ul> <li>Run at 100%, 75% or 50% power (400W runs at 100% and 75%) </li> <li>Strikes both metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs </li> <li>Accepts 120V/240V with no wiring needed (both cords included); 208V-configurable with electrician assistance </li> <li>Accepts 50 Hz to 60 Hz with no extra wiring needed </li> <li>Runs 15% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market </li> <li>Has a continuous power factor of 99% </li> <li>The most stable output frequency of any ballast </li> <li>Higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts </li> <li>Can run efficiently on generators without flickering </li> <li>Resin sealed circuit board for high humidity installations </li> <li>Can easily be used in conjunction with lighting controllers and flip boxes </li> </ul> <p><strong>NOTE:</strong> Not compatible with US5001671 and DX1000HPS lamps<br></p>

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