• Roots Organics LUSH 1.5 cf
Roots Organics

Roots Organics LUSH 1.5 cf

Roots Organics Lush is a premium growing mix designed specifically for indoor/outdoor potted plants. Perfect for fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs, houseplants, trees, and shrubs. This amended peat-based media delivers absolute consistency and control. What makes Lush superior to the competition? Nutrient-rich, this robust mix combines a well-measured primary fertility package with ideal foundational components to maximize yield in mature flowering plants. The precise ratio of peat, coir, perlite, pumice and worm castings has been added to create ideal water holding capacity and drainage. • 1.5 cubic feet • Blended with a variety of soil amendments • Promotes optimal root growth • Feeds for up to 8 weeks without additional support
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