• Canna Terra Vega, 0.5 lt

Canna Terra Vega, 0.5 lt

CANNA Terra Vega is a complete professional nutrient specific to the plant growth phase. It has been specially developed for cultivation in pots or substrate, and can be used both outdoors and indoors.
Advantages of CANNA Terra Vega
  • Terra Vega guarantees the development of a strong plant with good shoots and magnificent root development, which is very important for your health. Strong growth and high performance.
  • It is easy to use and dissolves directly.
  • Terra Vega guarantees the complete absorption of water and nutrients from the beginning of cultivation. This is possible thanks to its richness in nitrogenous compounds that can be absorbed directly, its value-added iron chelates and its trace elements.
  • Terra Vega is suitable for use with different types of substrates such as pre-compatible or those that are deficient in nutrients, or that have been used previously.
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