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Titan Controls - Spartan Series 8 Light Controller - 240 Volt

Titan Controls® Spartan Series® 8 Light 240 V ControllerThe 8 light controller operates up to 8000 Watts of grow lights in your garden. It features: heavy duty definite purpose contactors, dual trigger cord sets that give you the flexibility to stagger lighting schedules or delay starting times via an external wall timer and universal outlets that allow the use of 120 Volt or 240 Volt cord sets. The controller is housed in a rust, dust and moisture proof enclosure. 50 Amps input power/40 Amps output power/240 Volts/60 Hz./8000 Watts.

Operates up to eight 1000 watt grow lights
Two heavy duty definite purpose industrial power relays
Dual trigger cord sets to activate grow lights via external 24 hour timers
Universal outlets that allow the use of 120 Volt OR 240 Volt cord sets
Dust, rust & moisture resistant chassis
50 Amp input power / 40 Amp output power
Made in the USA!
240 Volt - 60 Hz.
1 year warranty