Special Orders

Interested in a Product or Item, but can see find it or see it on Stores? 

Please fill in the form below, we will contact you ASAP for your Special Needs!

General Policies:

  1. All requests to bring a product that we do not have in stock, can be ordered in the next container (by sea in a period of fifteen to twenty-two days and subject to availability) or courier (by air in no less than seven days and subject to availability) covering the shipping costs.
  2. All requests will need 50% of the value of the product. Applies for payment in TC, transfer and cash.
  3. When the product has arrived at our establishment, the client has a period of 48 hours to pick up his order and close the sale, if not, the product is placed in the store and the 50% that he paid in advance is lost.
  4. There is constant variation in transit times and shipping costs.
  5. Response time of approximately three days.