• C.A.P. F.Y.I Hydroponics DVD - Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture

C.A.P. F.Y.I Hydroponics DVD

Comprehensive DVD video guide pertaining to Hydroponic growing requirements and procedures. 60 minute run time. Details the following chapters: 1. Plant growth and nutrition requirements. Includes explaination of Primary, Secondary and Trace elements and explains the NPK ratio and shows many available hydroponic organic fertilizers. 2. Nurtient Solution Management. Shows how to obtain test of water condition (purity) and adjust the nutrient solution pH and TDS. 3. Germination and Cloning: Excellent examples of germination, root cuttings and coloning procedures. Shows manual and aeroponic cloning-machine methods. 4. Let There Be Lights! Details HID, LED and Fluorescent plant lighting. Extremely valuable information for the indoor or greenhouse gardner. 5. Hydroponic Garadening Systems. Hand-made and commercial gardening systems. This final chapter shows details on how systems are made and operate. Includes Aeroponic, Ebb & Flow (flood & drain), Drip, Trickle and Subaerated systems. Many excellent details on building your own hydroponic gardening systems. Movie Credits: Making a salad from the Tomato, Basil and Lettuce we grew using hydro-organic methods while listing resources for supplies and more information. This is most likely the best video reference relating to hydroponic gardening procedures to date!
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