• Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6 Plant Food, 1 gal - Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture

Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6 Plant Food, 1 gal

BLOOM™ 3-12-6  is specifically formulated to be used during the flowering stage.  Begin using BLOOM before your plants decide to shift into the flowering phase. A lower level of nitrogen will help reduce stem elongation and invigorate cola zones (budding area) to promote dense, vibrant flowering buds. High levels of phosphorus and potassium push production of resinous, potent and sticky flowers. When applied, the plant nutrients in BLOOM are immediately available, giving your plants the ability to access all the minerals they need for optimum production. Ample levels of calcium, no need to supplement with a Cal-Mag product. Use with either complete base nutrient Foliage-Pro® or GROW™ to regulate nitrogen levels for best quality and quantity. Excellent for all indica, hybrid, and sativa strains. Maximum, dense healthy bud growth! Details?
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