• LightRail RoboStik Lamp Stabilizer

LightRail RoboStik Lamp Stabilizer

A genuine LightRail product, quality constructed in the USA and made to last and that is under continuous use. Do not be fooled by imitations. Details, The LightRail RoboStik is 24 inches long and is primarily used to turn a grow light 90 degrees from the direction of travel. It can also be used to get the grow light closer to the LightRail Motor for tight vertical spaces. And, it can be used as a general light stabilizer. If used under the Aux Trolley of an Add A Lamp Kit, an extra small part is needed, the Add A Lamp to RoboStik Hardware. General info, LightRail is the single most important way to supercharge our indoor grow light equipment. We get much better yields when our grow lights move because more leaf area is reached with better light, so no hot spots and no shadow patterns. Plus we cover about 30 percent more area, and that is per grow light. Brand matters and LightRail is solidly made in the USA by Gualala Robotics since 1986. LightRail has an instrument grade drive motor you can count on that runs on only 5 or 9 watts, digital control circuitry, heavy duty ball bearing carrier wheels and a self clutch drive design with automatic traction control. These features are unique to the LightRail brand. LightRail has authentic electrical certifications of C CSA US or CE and flammability ratings UL 5 VB and is RoHS compliant. LightRail is unique as it runs at a safe 28 to 42 degrees C with a flame retardant electrical enclosure, as it should be. Solidly constructed, LightRail will move any grow light weight and is an expandable system where up to three grow lights can move in line with the use of one Motor. See website.
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