• Mills Start, 500 ml
Mills Nutrients

Mills Start, 500 ml

Mills Start-R Start-R is a predominantly organic, incredibly complex bio-stimulant for use with seedlings, vegetatively growing plants and plants in early bloom. It has 2 forms of nitrogen that, when used with our Basis A&B, change the NPK to a higher Nitrogen content suitable for seedlings, vegetative growth, and plants in early bloom. It also contains Humic and Fulvic acids, L-amino acids, and a root enhancing Bio-Stimulant derived from auxin- and cytokinin-rich Irish kelp. Helping to promote a healthy root system in vegetative and early flowering leads to larger yields during harvest, so get your plants off on the right foot with Start-R! START-R is responsible for: Fast and strong development of roots Promotion of plant growth and vitality Improvement of media structure and nutrient uptake Rapid recovery from transplant shock
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