• Straight Blade Scissor Blister
Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture

Straight Blade Scissor Blister

Perfect for encouraging healthy growth on plants and flowers, the precision blades on MICRO BLADE SCISSOR are ideal for shaping, repetitive trimming and intricate snips. Precise, MICRO BLADE SCISSOR cut all the way to the tip for clean, healthy cuts in tight spaces, while fully hardened, stainless steel blades with a precision-ground edge stay sharp - even through heavy use. These snips feature an Easy Action(TM) spring that gently opens the blades after every cut to help reduce hand fatigue derived from repetitive cuts - especially helpful for gardeners with arthritis or limited hand strength. Additionally, comfortable handles feature MICRO BLADE SCISSOR touchpoints for enhanced comfort and control, while an easy-open lock and blade cover protects blades for safe transport and storage.
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  • $9.90
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