• 1000 w DE Wing Reflector Grow Light Kit. Includes DE HPS Lamp, Timer, Hanger, Reflector, Ballast
Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture

1000 w DE Wing Reflector Grow Light Kit. Includes DE HPS Lamp, Timer, Hanger, Reflector, Ballast

- Heavy duty mounting bracket
- Rounded corners for safety
- High reflective aluminum
- Socket Type: patented DE K12x30S
- Built in 15ft cord set
- ETL approved
- Size: 45x40x19cm (17 3/4”x15 3/4”x7 1/2”)

• Operates from 120v to 240v, 50/60 hertz
• Dimmable Output: 50%, 75%, 100%, super lumens
• Compatible with E39 400w/600w/1000w HPS and MH bulbs
• High frequency output results in less power loss, 30% more lumens than magnetic ballasts for improved yields
• Short circuit protection, Open circuit protection, Ignition failure protection, Thermal protection, End of lamp life(EOL) protecion
• 8ft power cord included
• Available Color: white, black, purple, green
• 3 years warranty
• Wattage Available: 1000w

Lighting is the most important factor for gardening and this high quality FCC tested. This ballast will provide great lighting at any dimmable setting. The silent, cool running, and fast starting ballast is packed with safety features to ensure great longevity. If there are any circuit problems (that can be caused by a faulty bulb or even wire), the ballast will shut off. The ballast is resin en coated to ensure that the surrounding environment will not cause any damage. This ballast is completely switchable and will work with MH and HPS bulbs. Next to genetics, lighting is the, most important factor for indoor gardening. Grow Lights Canada is proud to offer the latest advance in ballast technology. These ballasts offer a glimpse of the future of HID lighting control systems. They offer an improved design and increased efficiency, while delivering the best performance in the industry. Lab tests have shown that these ballasts use up to 30% less electricity and are up to 30% brighter than traditional magnetic ballasts. Tested against the 3 top-selling brands in today's marketplace, Grow Lights Canada ballasts outperform them all in terms of power consumption and light output.
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